Thursday, December 16, 2021

Troll 2 and my old YouTube channel

 I used to love so-bad-they're-good movies. I loved Manos: The Hangs of Fate, The Room, and Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2. My favorite, of course, was Troll 2.

Like many people from the mid-2000s, I discovered the film because of the infamous "Oh my Goddddd" scene. One of the early viral videos. Coincidentally, Troll 2 was shot in Utah, just like the unforgettable Wun Blee Chung Dee.

There was also a remix of this clip and other "bad performances" set to a song from Mega Man X2, which I probably watched every single day for at least two months. I even tweeted it at Darren Ewing, who uttered the famous line. 

Here's my severely autistic brother and I reciting the grocery store scene when I was about 12. Note by bright green Star Trek shirt. 

Ten years later, he and I still recite the scene. We're quite close. 

Needless to say, I was a big fan. In fact, I was so into Troll 2 that it may have been offputting to literally every single person I spoke to. 

My favorite obsessive thing I did was create a whole YouTube channel dedicated to uploading clips from Troll 2. It was called nilbog90

So in addition to my old love affair with Troll 2, the other important information you need to know is that I am dyslexic. When I was younger, I hadn't learned how to cope with my disability yet, so everything I used to write had a weird tone and structure to it. That, and there were always a lot of typos. 

With that in mind, here is the point of this article. I uploaded the scene from Troll 2 where Elliot breaks into Holly's room. She then invites him to go with her to Nilbog. Basically, the scene is funny because it's a bit like a commercial for Nilbog. Like, if Nilbog were a real place, its tourist ad would look like this. Below is the clip itself.

What's funny is that I title the video "Troll 2 the nilbog sounding commercial." Despite my being the author of this title, I can't understand how something can "sound" like a fictional town. I probably meant "Troll 2 - Scene that sounds like a commercial" or "Troll 2 - Talking about Nilbog like it's a commercial." Something along those lines. 

I never noticed that strange video title until years after I uploaded it. My friend pointed it out to me. Ever since then, I'll arbitrarily remember the "nilbog sounding commercial" and laugh to myself. Sometimes in the middle of the night, other times at inappropriate times like a job interview or when a friend opens up to me about something personal. 

There's also this video entitled "Troll 2 theme and facts." The video is just the Troll 2 theme song, a static image of Goblins in the woods, while very basic facts about the film overlay the image (e.g. "This Music By Carlo Maria Cordio," typo and all). 

I just love all my old typos. They're quite funny. You can sorta kinda tell what I'm trying to say, but there's always some weird grammatical error that makes it sound like it's written by an alien. 

Of course, I'll always be dyslexic, which means I'll always make strange typos, but now I'm much more fluent in communicating my thoughts than I was.

I guess you could say this post was a Troll 2 lover letter AND a dyslexia rights advocacy article. 

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