Thursday, December 16, 2021

@JustLikeThat, the abandoned Instagram account who beat HBO to the punch

 So, my friend works for HBO. Yes, I am jealous. 

He recently made a post on Instagram, which detailed an early screening of a new HBO Max show called Just Like That. Below is the original post. I've blocked out his identity.

At the bottom, you can see that he tags an account called @JustLikeThat. Of course, one would assume that @JustLikeThat belongs to the HBO Show, but that's not true. The Instagram account for the show Just Like That is @justlikethatmax. My friend accidentally linked to @justlikethat

Of course, he fixed his post moments late. I guess he doesn't want to upset the higher-ups at his well-paying job by accidentally linking to an abandoned page that prevented them from getting their desired Instagram handle. 

This accident on my friend's part interests me because it's both a bit creepy and a bit funny. 

It's creepy because of its vacancy. Since everyone uses Instagram all the time, it's strange to see an account that was basically abandoned. It makes it seem like this is some woman's final photo before she died. It makes you wonder about her backstory. 

On the other hand, it's funny because my friend was trying to write a very "modern corporate" post, but he messed up and linked to some weirdo old account. It's nice to see chinks in the armor of a big-time HBO guy. Likewise, it's great to see that some random woman claimed @JustLikeThat before HBO got a chance to. It's almost liberating to see a random person beat a multimillion-dollar corporation, even if it's on something small like an Instagram handle. 

So, @JustLikeThat is abandoned. It has one post from December 31, 2011, and nothing else. She has eight likes on the post and four comments. She also has fifteen followers. 

Really, though, I'm intrigued about this person. Why only one post? Why did she ditch her account like that? What's her story? 

I aim to find out more. I'll come back with an answer as to who exactly this is. At least, I'll come back with a mostly-accurate approximation.

In the meantime, if you know who this is, please reach out to me! 


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