Friday, December 17, 2021



COWBOY.MOV Poster from FilmFreeway

My friend Sean Nelson Taylor took advantage of the early days of COVID-19 and made an entire feature-length film called COWBOY.MOV. You can stream it on Vuuzle!

I met Sean in Prague, Czech Republic. We. were both American students studying at FAMU. He directed a film called Once Upon a Time in Prague 7 and I photographed a film called Ruth Takes a Bath

He got some other friends we made involved in the production. My friend and former roommate Ben Champagne shot the COWBOY.MOV, and my friend Zach Gordon-Sandweiss provided food and acted in it. 

I was completely shocked to see that Sean was making a feature film, honestly. It takes so much work to make just a two-minute little short that the task of making an independent feature, to me, was insurmountable. Nonetheless, he put the work in and got results. 

This will be a film that people look back on. It's a perfect time capsule of 2015-2020 American culture. It deals with the growing cost of living, distrust in the government, and overall the culture surrounding armchair political commentators/propagators of conspiracy theories. It's also shot well and has compelling characters. 

It would also make a great double feature with The Pizzagate Massacre, another independent film from around the same time. Each of these films reflects the existential threat that is misinformation. Pizzagate is a dark take on the situation, while COWBOY.MOV has a much more hopeful outlook. 

I hope COWBOY.MOV is the impetus more many great films to come, as well as a prolific film career for my friend Sean and everyone involved in the production. 

Also, I hope when people google "COWBOY.MOV" they read this review and seek the film out. 

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