Wednesday, March 13, 2024

New Doctor Who Review - Season 1. Episode 3: "The Unquiet Dead"

 Rating: 1.5/5

"The Unquiet Dead" is the least memorable episode of new Doctor Who's first series, and it's by far my least favorite. I stopped watching halfway through because I didn't like it, then picked it up later because I'd feel bad writing a review about something I didn't finish. The episodes are only 45 minutes, by the way. It's the first episode to be written by series regular Mark Gatiss, whose other episodes I don't like much either. 

New Doctor Who Review - Season 1. Episode 2: "The End Of The World"

 Rating: 3/5

"The End Of The World" is a good episode in concept. While "Rose" remained fairly grounded throughout its runtime, the follow-up has more fantastical elements. There are more aliens, it's set in the future, and it takes place on a spaceship. Going from a grounded concept to a more science-fiction-oriented story was a good move because it gave the audience a sense of possibility. Also, it's worth noting that "The End Of The World" doesn't really feature a monster for The Doctor to face, while there are several cool-looking aliens. 

New Doctor Who Review - Season 1. Episode 1: "Rose"

 Rating: 4.5/5

"Rose," being the introduction to Doctor Who's new series, shares competencies with the classic Doctor Who's first episode "An Unearthly Child." Rather than introducing the audience to concepts like the TARDIS, the Doctor, Timelords, or aliens right away, it takes a more grounded approach. "Rose" is told through the eyes of a relatable, human character. 

We are introduced to the character of Rose, a 19-year-old, working-class woman from London. She works in a shop, has a boyfriend, and lives with her mum. There's nothing exceptional about her. This is much like Ian and Barbra, who were the perspective characters in "An Unearthly Child." 

Rewatching "New" Doctor Who

 I essentially grew up watching Doctor Who. I was introduced to the classic show by my uncle, beginning with the Tom Baker story "The Robots Of Death." From there, I was hooked forever. I introduced the show to my friends, got the VHS tapes for birthdays, and was basically always thinking about the show. In fact, Doctor Who fan films were how I originally started making movies. Now, I am a professional videographer.