Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Rewatching "New" Doctor Who

 I essentially grew up watching Doctor Who. I was introduced to the classic show by my uncle, beginning with the Tom Baker story "The Robots Of Death." From there, I was hooked forever. I introduced the show to my friends, got the VHS tapes for birthdays, and was basically always thinking about the show. In fact, Doctor Who fan films were how I originally started making movies. Now, I am a professional videographer. 

In my adult life, though, I have never really returned to the show. I watched it a bit when I was in college, but that's about it. I've seen all of the classic series, including the reconstructed missing stories. There are certain stories that I've rewatched periodically. 

In 2005, the series was, of course, brought back by Russell T. Davies and friends. The new series is responsible for most American awareness of the show. Unless you caught it on PBS back in the 80s, Doctor Who was fairly obscure in the US. The high-energy, dramatic, and camp re-interpretation of the series really drew in fans.

For a long time, I felt some amount of destain for the news series. It didn't have what I loved about the show originally. Compared to the slow-paced, low-production, high-concept classic series, the new series never stood out in my mind. While I enjoyed much of the new series as a kid, I never felt the need to revisit it. 

That is, until now! 

The early seasons of the new Doctor Who - meaning Christopher Eccleston through David Tennant's respective tenures - are now nearly twenty years old. Season one of the revival series is as old as the last series of classic Who was when I began watching. In my mind, this means it's time for a reevaluation. 

The new series is no longer new, so it's time to see what if it stacks up. 

I will review every episode of Russell T. Davies' tenure on Doctor Who. I will not cross over into the Steven Moffat era because I, frankly, never liked his take on the series - not as an adult, nor as a kid. 

My first venture into this project is with new Doctor Who's pilot episode - "Rose."

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