Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Ten years later, almost to the date

I made this blog in 2009. Back then, it was called the Mondas Chronicles. I basically just posted every silly YouTube video I made with my friend.

About a year later, I deleted all those videos, so the blog linked to nothing and discussed nothing. I was ashamed by how terrible they were. It just sat there in limbo. Dead, yet alive. 

As Morbius said from the Doctor Who story "The Brain of Morbius": "Even a sponge has more life than I."

Apparently I revamped this blog in 2011, almost exactly 10 years ago today. Again, I just posted videos that I made when I was a kid. Fortunately, I did not delete all those videos. They're here, but they're just unlisted.

Recently, I've found myself missing the old internet. Back when it was still around, I was a big fan of That Guy With The Glasses and Cinemassacre, both of which still exist in one form or another, but their old blog-style websites are gone. 

Generally, the internet looks different now. Everything is on either Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Back when I was young, though, people had personal blogs and websites. I miss this. 

Quite frankly, I also hate the new social media apps. There's a distinct sense of competitiveness on these apps. Everyone is just fighting for the most likes, and everything is so polished and professional. It's no fun anymore! 

My distaste for the new internet landscape and my nostalgia for the old days is why I'm revamping this blog an entire decade later. Of course, I can guarantee that no one will read this, so I'm making it for myself! 

If you do end up here somehow, welcome! Thanks for reading!  

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